Sunday, September 27, 2009

scaffold a day: morningside heights

116th and Broadway. Two layers of scaffolding - I'm not quite sure why the smaller exposed portion of scaffolding in the lower right was added. This is across from the entrance to McKim Mead and White's Columbia University campus.

scaffold a day: nolita

Kenmare and Mulberry (or Mott I always get them confused).

Anyway, this was taken right after the BLDGBLOG book launch happenings at the Storefront for Art and Architecture yesterday...Lebbeus Woods was speaking as this photo was taken; I'm sorry to have missed it, but the presentations by djrupture, Richard Mosse, Mason White and novelist Patrick McGrath were really interesting. For more and sundry information, check out Nicola Twilley's twitter postings from yesterday.

Friday, September 25, 2009

scaffold a day: grand central

This is the sight that greets drivers heading south on Park Avenue.

It would have been amazing to watch this go up!